“It takes time, patience, and focus to create a beautiful piece by hand. A single modification can change the whole piece for better or for worse.” – Abigail J Marsh


I am a designer, maker, and silversmith based in Bordon, Hampshire. Surrounded by history, nature, and beauty in every direction inspires me all the time. Taking my sketchbook and phone on my adventures I can capture the new ideas for a design. You never know where the inspiration will come from, could be a tile on a floor or a piece of lace in a scrap box. 

My work is unique handcrafted pieces celebrating traditional methods of making in a contemporary way. Combining my love to the handmade and natural forms. Many of my work incorporates floral organic features with the golden mean, a natural pattern formation found within the natural world, and architecture, such as churches and historical buildings. 

Celebrating the real craftsmanship of silversmithing and jewellery making, the skill of the maker’s hand to its best is what I believe in. My favourite technique is called piercing. This involves using a fine saw blade to cut the metal. One slip and the design could go wrong. I had the opportunity to work on an incense burner for a church during my work experience. Cutting each hole for the design at the same forty-five-degree angle perfectly. It was like a magical trance of concentration, I had fallen in love with the process. 

Passionate about handmade and the unbelievable skill that goes into making a piece, excites me. The arts and crafts movement has always rung true with me and William Morris’s style has also been an inspiration and love of mine. You can not find work like it anywhere else if it’s been handmade. 

If you believe handmade is the best join me on my making journey on social media or my mailing list. Also, take a look at the work for yourself and see what you fall in love with. Shop Here.



Awarded Membership to the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths 2019

Awarded placement with a Silversmith for professional mentoring with IPG 2019 Click here to find out more

Awarded 1 year as Artist in Residence at UCA Farnham 2019

Shortlisted for the Make Your Mark Awards 2019

Talent Spotted at New Designers by the Goldsmiths’ Centre 2018

Shortlisted for the Make Your Mark Awards 2017

Placement at the Goldsmiths Summer School 2016