What is the Handmade Well Paid Campaign?

The ‘Handmade Well Paid’ campaign has been set up by Jewellers Academy to help support makers and there customers understand fair pricing for both. 

“Handmade & Well Paid is a campaign to help ensure makers are well paid for the work they do whilst helping customers to make good decisions about which makers to buy from.” Jewellers Academy

If the maker you are buying from displays the ‘Handmade & Well Paid’ badge you can be assured that they have learnt how to price their work for a sustainable business and have signed the pledge to value their work and their customers with an accurate pricing model that is a win, win for both.

Makers need a sustainable income in order to keep running their businesses and making their crafts.

Customers value and admire the work of handmade artists and want to support them fairly to ensure they are making a good living wage for themselves.”

Jewellers Academy – Click here to find out more.