How do I pick the right necklace chain length?

Deciding a necklace chain length can be tricky, it all depends on the style and how you would like to wear the piece, but don’t worry I’m here to help.

Many chains come in the size measurement of inches. My standard sizes are 20″ and 22″ as I find this suits many of my customers.

I typically wear a 20″ chain, I like to have my necklace pendants hanging at the top of my chest and not tight around my neck.

You can, however, order any of my pieces with a different length chain that suits you and your look. You may want to find a piece that suits your neckline.

Standard Necklace Size for Women

Choker Length: 16 inches
At collarbone: 17 to 18 inches
A few inches under collarbone: 20 inches
At neckline (or above ): 22 inches
Under the neckline: 24 inches

*please note that everyone is different so some lengths may sit slightly higher or lower then shown

necklace chain length

Ways to Find Your Size

An accurate way to measure your neck size is using a soft measuring tape. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, you can use a ribbon instead.

Wrap the ribbon around the base of the wearer’s neck, and mark the spot where the ends meet. Then, lay the ribbon against a ruler to determine approximate neck size.

Once you obtain a measurement, it’s generally best to select a necklace size that’s at least one size larger than the wearer’s neck size. For instance, if they have an 18-inch neck, you should probably select a chain length of about 20 inches or more. Also, be sure to consider the kind of necklace when determining length. Will the necklace lie flat or will it have a heavy dangling pendant? These considerations will both affect how a necklace will hang.

letter necklace

Neckline and Chain Length

I have found this wonderful image from The Pearl Source which illustrates the different necklines and what style of necklace to go for, sometimes only earrings are required.

I hope all this has helped you to find the perfect necklace length for you and your outfit.