Is it real sterling silver?


I only work with 100% sterling silver bullion purchased from a reputable and well know company in the jewellery industry.

When I talk about my work being recycled this means the silver have either been recycled in house, through me melting down old designs or piece that went wrong. Or the bullion I have purchased has been refined from old sterling silver items of jewellery, dust, and larger silversmithing piece.

This means all my work is ethically sourced, is sustainable and reduces the carbon foot print of my work.

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Hallmarking is another way you can confirm its sterling sliver. A hallmark is a certified mark by the Assay office, mine is London. This mark has my hallmark, the AJM, the material mark, the date mark and the Assay office mark. The image is my hallmark on a piece of silverware.

Please note that sterling silver does not need to be assayed unless it is over 7.78grams, therefore many of my pieces do not have a hallmark but if you wish to have a hallmark on your jewellery I can have them assayed for an additional cost.

For more information please click here to view hallmarking rules.