How do I found out my ring size?

There are a few ways you can find out what your ring size is. Using paper, a flexible tape and a ring sizer.

A strip of paper

Wrap a strip of paper around your finger and mark the point where they overlap with a pen. Lay the strip of paper on a flat surface and measure the length. This is the circumference of your ring. I can use this length to create the perfect ring size for you.

ring size

A flexible tape

Wrap the flexible tape around your finger, make sure you can see the 0 start mark. The point at which the tape overlaps the 0 is the size of your finger. Note the size and this is then the circumference of your ring. I can use this size to make the perfect ring for you.

ring size

With the two methods above for the best way to work out what letter you are you will need to do the following. Its quite easy.

Take the total length in millimetres (the inside circumference). Divide the inside circumference by 3.14159 to get the diameter and use the chart below to find your size.

I recommend measure a couple of times throughout the day for accuracy.

Ring sizer

There are a few types of ring sizer you can use, a tape ring sizer and a solid loop ring sizer.

The tape ring sizer will adjust around the finger to give you a letter or a number. Both of these I can use to create a ring that fits you perfectly.

ring size

A metal ring sizer will give you a range of rings to try on and each one has a letter on it. You can purchase these online or you could go to any jeweller and they will be able to measure your ring size for you. I also have one of these at all of my shows so if you want to know feel free to visit me at a show and ill be able to help.

ring size