How do I look after my jewellery?

There are a few ways to look after your jewellery. A jewellery care kit, how you store your jewellery and how to stop it tarnishing.

A jewellery care kit

These small but super useful kits are available form my online shop and my market stall.

The kit come with a polishing cloth, instructions and a bead bag to prevent tarnishing.

The instructions are easy to follow and will help to keep your jewellery looking it’s very best.

Storing your jewellery

How you store your jewellery can make a massive difference in keeping your jewellery in its best condition. Tangles chains can cause links to break, earrings thrown in a box together can cause them to bend, or stones to come out.


The best way to store your necklaces are in the boxes they came in, but if you love to have one organised jewellery box then you need to make sure you store each necklace separate to prevent tangling. Something like this necklace box allows you to lay your necklaces out and hook them on in rows. You can also get ones with segmented boxes in for each necklace.


You can store your stud earrings in a tray but it needs to have a way of holding the backs securely so they do not bend. Or I love storing my earrings on an earring rack like the image here. It allows you to hang your earrings if they have hooks and holds your studs without bending them. Also, you can see the earrings easily so it makes it easy to pick what you would like to wear.


Rings can be stored in a dish, on a tray, or velvet ring tray.

For my rings I display them in a velvet ring tray but I mostly wear my rings. However, if your ring have a stone in that is held in with a claw setting you should not wear them to bed. You run the risk of the sheets in the night catching the claw and pulling it open and the stone falling out. Don’t risk loosing your diamond, get a ring dish and take them off at night.

Ring dishes are an excellent idea to store your rings in when your not wearing them. If you take your rings off when washing up then you could have a dish by the skin in the kitchen, in the bathroom and on your dresser.

I have two types of ring dishes available in my shop and at markets if you in need of one. The beautiful rose dish, featured in the image here and the rings and things trinket dish.