Here are some of my frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will find the answer to what you are looking for, though if you do not please feel free to email me and I shall do my best to help answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it real sterling silver?


    I only work with 100% sterling silver bullion purchased from a reputable and well know company in the jewellery industry.

    When I talk about my work being recycled this means the silver have either been recycled in house, through me melting down old designs or piece that went wrong. Or the bullion I have purchased has been refined from old sterling silver items of jewellery, dust, and larger silversmithing piece.

    This means all my work is ethically sourced, is sustainable and reduces the carbon foot print of my work.

    Find out more here.


    Hallmarking is another way you can confirm its sterling sliver. A hallmark is a certified mark by the Assay office, mine is London. This mark has my hallmark, the AJM, the material mark, the date mark and the Assay office mark. The image is my hallmark on a piece of silverware.

    Please note that sterling silver does not need to be assayed unless it is over 7.78grams, therefore many of my pieces do not have a hallmark but if you wish to have a hallmark on your jewellery I can have them assayed for an additional cost.

    For more information please click here to view hallmarking rules.

  • How do I found out my ring size?

    There are a few ways you can find out what your ring size is. Using paper, a flexible tape and a ring sizer.

    A strip of paper

    Wrap a strip of paper around your finger and mark the point where they overlap with a pen. Lay the strip of paper on a flat surface and measure the length. This is the circumference of your ring. I can use this length to create the perfect ring size for you.

    ring size

    A flexible tape

    Wrap the flexible tape around your finger, make sure you can see the 0 start mark. The point at which the tape overlaps the 0 is the size of your finger. Note the size and this is then the circumference of your ring. I can use this size to make the perfect ring for you.

    ring size

    With the two methods above for the best way to work out what letter you are you will need to do the following. Its quite easy.

    Take the total length in millimetres (the inside circumference). Divide the inside circumference by 3.14159 to get the diameter and use the chart below to find your size.

    I recommend measure a couple of times throughout the day for accuracy.

    Ring sizer

    There are a few types of ring sizer you can use, a tape ring sizer and a solid loop ring sizer.

    The tape ring sizer will adjust around the finger to give you a letter or a number. Both of these I can use to create a ring that fits you perfectly.

    ring size

    A metal ring sizer will give you a range of rings to try on and each one has a letter on it. You can purchase these online or you could go to any jeweller and they will be able to measure your ring size for you. I also have one of these at all of my shows so if you want to know feel free to visit me at a show and ill be able to help.

    ring size
  • How do I look after my jewellery?

    There are a few ways to look after your jewellery. A jewellery care kit, how you store your jewellery and how to stop it tarnishing.

    A jewellery care kit

    These small but super useful kits are available form my online shop and my market stall.

    The kit come with a polishing cloth, instructions and a bead bag to prevent tarnishing.

    The instructions are easy to follow and will help to keep your jewellery looking it's very best.

    Storing your jewellery

    How you store your jewellery can make a massive difference in keeping your jewellery in its best condition. Tangles chains can cause links to break, earrings thrown in a box together can cause them to bend, or stones to come out.


    The best way to store your necklaces are in the boxes they came in, but if you love to have one organised jewellery box then you need to make sure you store each necklace separate to prevent tangling. Something like this necklace box allows you to lay your necklaces out and hook them on in rows. You can also get ones with segmented boxes in for each necklace.


    You can store your stud earrings in a tray but it needs to have a way of holding the backs securely so they do not bend. Or I love storing my earrings on an earring rack like the image here. It allows you to hang your earrings if they have hooks and holds your studs without bending them. Also, you can see the earrings easily so it makes it easy to pick what you would like to wear.


    Rings can be stored in a dish, on a tray, or velvet ring tray.

    For my rings I display them in a velvet ring tray but I mostly wear my rings. However, if your ring have a stone in that is held in with a claw setting you should not wear them to bed. You run the risk of the sheets in the night catching the claw and pulling it open and the stone falling out. Don't risk loosing your diamond, get a ring dish and take them off at night.

    Ring dishes are an excellent idea to store your rings in when your not wearing them. If you take your rings off when washing up then you could have a dish by the skin in the kitchen, in the bathroom and on your dresser.

    I have two types of ring dishes available in my shop and at markets if you in need of one. The beautiful rose dish, featured in the image here and the rings and things trinket dish.

  • What is the Handmade Well Paid Campaign?

    The 'Handmade Well Paid' campaign has been set up by Jewellers Academy to help support makers and there customers understand fair pricing for both. 

    "Handmade & Well Paid is a campaign to help ensure makers are well paid for the work they do whilst helping customers to make good decisions about which makers to buy from." Jewellers Academy

    "If the maker you are buying from displays the ‘Handmade & Well Paid’ badge you can be assured that they have learnt how to price their work for a sustainable business and have signed the pledge to value their work and their customers with an accurate pricing model that is a win, win for both.

    Makers need a sustainable income in order to keep running their businesses and making their crafts.

    Customers value and admire the work of handmade artists and want to support them fairly to ensure they are making a good living wage for themselves."

    Jewellers Academy - Click here to find out more.

  • How do I pick the right necklace chain length?

    Deciding a necklace chain length can be tricky, it all depends on the style and how you would like to wear the piece, but don't worry I'm here to help.

    Many chains come in the size measurement of inches. My standard sizes are 20" and 22" as I find this suits many of my customers.

    I typically wear a 20" chain, I like to have my necklace pendants hanging at the top of my chest and not tight around my neck.

    You can, however, order any of my pieces with a different length chain that suits you and your look. You may want to find a piece that suits your neckline.

    Standard Necklace Size for Women

    Choker Length: 16 inches
    At collarbone: 17 to 18 inches
    A few inches under collarbone: 20 inches
    At neckline (or above ): 22 inches
    Under the neckline: 24 inches

    *please note that everyone is different so some lengths may sit slightly higher or lower then shown

    necklace chain length

    Ways to Find Your Size

    An accurate way to measure your neck size is using a soft measuring tape. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, you can use a ribbon instead.

    Wrap the ribbon around the base of the wearer's neck, and mark the spot where the ends meet. Then, lay the ribbon against a ruler to determine approximate neck size.

    Once you obtain a measurement, it’s generally best to select a necklace size that's at least one size larger than the wearer’s neck size. For instance, if they have an 18-inch neck, you should probably select a chain length of about 20 inches or more. Also, be sure to consider the kind of necklace when determining length. Will the necklace lie flat or will it have a heavy dangling pendant? These considerations will both affect how a necklace will hang.

    letter necklace

    Neckline and Chain Length

    I have found this wonderful image from The Pearl Source which illustrates the different necklines and what style of necklace to go for, sometimes only earrings are required.

    I hope all this has helped you to find the perfect necklace length for you and your outfit.