connecting cups

My final year developed from my topic of interest; celebrations, with the focus being on how people interact with each other during this time.

My final piece for my project was these connecting cups. The principle behind the drinking vessels is to engage people who may not necessarily engage with each other otherwise. The cups cannot be put down without the users engaging to assemble the cups on their stand. This requires users to talk and begin their connections with each other. Therefore the cups create new conversations as well as being conversational starters themselves with their unusual appearance.

The connecting cups are raised silver vessels, formed using a range of tools such as hammers and chasing tools. The inspiration for their unusual shapes came from people’s bodies. I spent lots of my time drawing and looking at people to use the curvature of people’s bodies as the organic shaper of the cups. The organic forms allowed me to think about how comfortable the connecting cups would feel in the user’s hands. The attachment of the arms and legs then developed from the interactions people have and how people dance at a celebration. You can see my thoughts on the deisgns through the images above. 

The hands in the middle, that join them, are based on a handshake. This is a symbol of an agreement or a greeting. The hands on the outside, that attach the cups to their stand, are based on the notion of a celebratory drink. This also adds humour to the piece with the idea that it is a cup drinking from a cup. The legs then are also humorous with the look of dancing.

Altogether this creates a beautiful piece that brings a smile to people’s faces and creates new connections with people. This piece intends to be displayed and used by people, either in their homes or in the workplace.

connecting cups