This collection is inspired by the interpretation of peoples bonds between friends, lovers and family and each piece has there own unique design.

These pieces would make a fantastic meaningful gift for a loved one or a best friend that you want to share and celebrate your connection with. 

The comical pieces will bring joy to the wearer and the viewers. Bold and very unique these piece are confident and will add a statement to any outfit for any occasion. 

These cufflinks would be a fantastic conversation starter at a wedding or at an important social evening. Celebrate your personality when you need to be dressed to impress. 

hand cufflinks

Elements of love and compassion can be seen in these pieces. Subtle and cleaver designs allow the bonds between people to be captured in unusual eye catching pieces of jewellery. 

This Love Heart Hand Necklace is a subtle and beautiful representation of sharing your love. This iconic hand gesture is beautiful capture in sterling silver creating a treasured piece that can carrying your love anywhere.  

Best friends birthday, a graduation, an anniversary. Show the love with this statement piece that will compliment any outfit both causal and formal. 


This Pinkie Promise Necklace is the statement of a powerful unbackable promise that people make to each other. Be this a commitment between a mother and daughter or a simple of a couple vow of mirage to each other. This piece has the power to carry your meaning with it every time you wear it. Its a beautiful way to show your loved ones you promise them. 

pinkie promise hand necklace