Evolving with the development of ideas this unique collection of ‘Little People’ jewellery has grown from my exploration of connections between people. This collection consists of joyful hand-sculpted silver little people dancing and celebrating friendship. These little people celebrate the bonds between people and are celebrated in a very unique and unusual way.


Each little person is hand caved in wax to create its personality just like we have our own. They are then cast in sterling silver and cleaned up to remove the spurs produced in the casting process.

The surface finish is smooth in some areas and rough in others to give the representation of how people have their own stories about their lives. Some parts are good others are scars from hard times. There are also surface marks left by my tools and makers’ hands. These are important marks to me because they show my mark on a piece I worked on, my physical connection to those pieces, and my story behind what went into making them. 


Being jewellery they are then free to go and create their own story with the wearer and become the vessel that carries a personal story for that person every time they wear them. Their personalities become a reflection of ours and our memories.