Flower Buds


This gorgeous branch of Flower Buds is handcrafted from sterling silver and would compliment and vase or bouquet of flowers either on its own or in a collection.

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This elegant branch of flower buds is handcrafted from sterling silver wire and granulations.

Granulations are small piece silver that has been melted down into tiny little balls of silver. These have then been positioned in threes around the stem. Carefully they are soldered into place. This takes great skill as you don’t want to heat in the wrong place or the piece would unsolder and fall apart.

It takes time and patience to produce the buds with great care for finish being done. The wire of the stem gradually increases in thickness toward the bottom of the stem to give the impression of the bud growing.

You could display this flower on its own or in a vase with others or place it on a beutiful bouquet of flowers as a added elegant sparkle for someone’s wedding.

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