Moon Slice Studs


A gorgeous sparkling pair of moon slice stud earrings handcrafted from solid silver. These moon-cratered textured studs are a simple but elegant pair of earrings. Each stud is unique with the matching but not quite the look of the pair. These studs will be forever in fashion and go with every outfit both casual and going out, making these a must have pair of earrings for the jewellery collection.

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These moon slices are created using recycled sterling silver from offcuts of other pieces I have made making them 100% sustainable. The silver is melted into molten metal and poured into a mould to create the shape. Once the silver is cooled it’s then sliced into a unique piece and the magical moon slice studs are crafted. Finished with sterling silver posts and butterfly backs and beautiful bright polish, these studs are perfect for any outfit and are a must have for your jewellery collection.